When it comes to material selection, Santa Cruz Millwork begins with a commitment to the environment. We promote the use of responsibly harvested trees, sustainable forestry practices and the use of recycled materials. Additionally, we promote the use of high performance glass.

Fortunately, there is a wide selection of beautiful domestic hardwoods and softwoods to choose from- cherry, oak, maple and pine, to name a few. Over the years we have developed an excellent relationship with a number of small saw mills and suppliers and we now stock small quantities of the following:
  • Local Windfall Redwood- This is beautiful old growth material with tight vertical grain and deep color. This wood has exceptional weathering qualities.

  • Vertical Grain Douglas Fir- These trees are selectively cut from a privately owned forest in Northern California. This very strong, stable wood is excellent for exterior use and has a beautiful honey color with consistent, fine vertical grain.

  • Genuine Mahogany (Honduran Mahogany) - This hardwood has excellent weathering qualities, a medium-dark reddish brown color and well figured grain. Although this wood is imported, the chain of custody is carefully documented and the companies that harvest it are inspected regularly to insure that sustainable forestry practices are employed.

Glass is an amazingly versatile, beautiful and useful material. We work closely with a number of glass designers, art glass fabricators, glass blowers and sculptors. Santa Cruz Millwork is very excited about the innovative work we are doing with local artisans.
In recent years, high performance insulating glass has come a long way. The latest Low-E coatings do an excellent job letting in a maximum amount of visable light while filtering out most of the harmful wave lengths; at the same time, Low E glass reduces the radiant heat exchange between inside and out.

Talk to us about your design and performance needs and we will help you develop a solution that is beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly.