‘Modern, Warm, and Homey’

Capturing the sun all day with Marvin Elevate windows

The Fair Avenue House features Marvin’s Elevate Collection windows with a durable and aesthetic exterior and a warm, pine wood interior. (Photos by Matt Berger, Santa Cruz Millwork)

A collaboration between homeowner, builder, architect, and the expert team at Santa Cruz Millwork brings fresh light to an historic plot of land on the West Side of Santa Cruz, featuring the eccentric 1930s-era masonry work of the legendary Kitchen Brothers.

The Fair Avenue House is a very special home on an historic plot of land on the West Side of Santa Cruz featuring the eccentric 1930s-era masonry work of the legendary Kitchen Brothers. The two had big plans for this big lot on Fair Ave but after constructing two towering brick and stone spires and a half-built brick home, they abandoned their project and the property. 

Nearly a century later a new green home has risen among the spires. Designed by Young America Creative and built by Santa Cruz Green Builders, the home offers a study in light from every angle throughout the day. “Our architect really helped us keep light as a real focus,” the homeowners told us during a recent morning tour. 

“The house is south-facing, so the light streams in all day long.”

The focal point when you walk in is a bright, sun-lit kitchen and built-in dining nook featuring a panorama of Marvin’s Elevate series windows that let the light in from all sides. 

The direct-glaze rectangle windows are custom-designed with horizontal sash bars, and a pine wood interior that offers “a good mix between modern and homey and warm,” the homeowners say

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted to have wood on the inside, so this ended up being a good option for us. It’s just beautiful.”

To reduce the hum of occasional street noise at night, they upgraded the glass on their bedroom windows to Marvin’s Elevate windows featuring a special Sound Transmission Class (STC) glass that is designed to minimize the transmission of noise from the outside in. 

“It’s the most cost-effective way to get a bump in your STC numbers,” says Santa Cruz Millwork owner, Thomas Nedelsky. “It gives you the biggest bang for your buck.”

Inside and out, the home brings in the sun at every turn. “We just wanted as many windows as possible to keep the light in.” 

– MB


Add Warmth with wood

The pine wood window interiors feature a durable and high-quality finish that brings out the natural beauty, texture, and grain of the wood. Timeless in aesthetics and quality, Marvin’s wood windows are protected with an intricate process that involves applying even coats of conditioning and stain, two coats of clear finish, and are sanded and baked twice in an oven before being built to the project specifications.